Title(s): AmCh
Registered Name: Heirloom Show And Tale Call Name: Trigo Registration#: RN113738/10
DOB: March 24, 2006
Trigo takes BOS under breeder/judge Gay Dunlap for his championship!
Sire: Ch Geragold Kilronan (Killian)
Dam: Ch Wheatstone Fairy Tale (Roxy)
Coefficient of Inbreeding: .
Height: 18 3/4 inches Weight: 34 pounds
HD rating: . PRA rating: .
Siblings: Heirloom Tattle Tale (Tellie), Heirloom NewZew Time Will Tail
Progeny: .


parents parents
ggparents gggparents
Danteri Wheaten Norrie
MexAmCh Danterri Wheaten Tycoon
IntDkCh Danterri Wheaten Grainne
AmCh Soldiersong Fianna Boy
MultiCh Danterri Wheaten Man About Town
IntDkCh Wheaten Rebel's Raleigh At Celtic
AmCh Wheaten Rebel's Ornella My Love
AmCh Geragold Kilronan
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Kris
AmCh Wheaten Rebel's Odessa File
IntDDkNedCh Wheaten Rebel's Bagheera Lass
AmCh Geragold Daughter of Aran
IrCh Newkilber Don Corleone
Geragold Tekiri
IrCh Newkilber Autumn Sonata
Ch Heirloom Show And Tale
DkCh Lenter Wheaten Bali-Tiger
MultiCh Danterri Wheaten Man About Town
IntDkCh Danterri Wheaten Grainne
IntDCh Wheaten Rebel's Walk On Top
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Kris
Ch Wheaten Rebel's Ornella My Love
DDkNedCh Wheaten Rebel's Bagheera Lass
ChWheatstone Fairy Tale
AmCanCh Doubloon's Winter Wood TD
SfuAmCh Andover Hoot Done It
AmCh Andover Hootenanny
IntFinS ChWW94,98FinW94Wheatstone True Colors
N SAmCh Lontree's Lucky Star
IntNordCh Teinikedon Taalia
IntNordCh Teinikedon Katinka

Breeder(s): Patrice Chevalier & Robert Bergman
Trigo handsome in his yard ;-)
Owner(s): Patrice Chevalier & Robert Bergman
Josanna Nolls & Richard Rongve

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