Title(s): AmCh Registered Name: Wheatstone Fairy Tale Call Name: Roxy Registration#: RN316882/01
DOB: April 4, 2000
Roxy takes BOB for a major!
Sire: IntDCh Wheaten Rebel's Walk On Top (Sam)
Dam: IntFinS ChWW94,98FinW94Wheatstone True Colors (Indy)
Coefficient of Inbreeding: .
Height: 18.75 inches Weight: 38 pounds
HD rating: OFA:WHT-3966E24F-P1(excellent,hips),
WHT-EL22F37-P1(normal, elbows),
PRA rating: SWT-1711N
Siblings: FinCh Wheatstone Forrest, IntCh Wheatstone Flashdance
Progeny: sired by AmCanIrlCh Geragold Orla Finlandia: Ch Heirloom T&T's Tige In A Shoe (Tige),
Ch Heirloom Wish Upon A Star NA NAJ NAP NJP (Kes),

sired by Ch Geragold Kilronan: Ch Heirloom Show And Tale (Trigo),
Heirloom Tattle Tale, Heirloom NewZew Time Will Tail


parents gparents ggparents
Wheaten Rebel's Finnish Firebird
DkCh Lenter Wheaten Bali-Tiger
Danterri Wheaten Bonadea
MultiCh Danterri Wheaten Man About Town
DkDvCh Newkilber Lion In Winter
IntDkCh Danterri Wheaten Grainne
Newkilber Make Mine Mink
DkCh Wheaten Rebel's Walk On Top
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Beacan
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Kris
Newkilber Make Mine Mink
Ch Wheaten Rebel's Ornella My Love
IntCh Newkilber The Quiet Man
DDkNedCh Wheaten Rebel's Bagheera Lass
IntCh Holmenocks Honey Bee
Ch Wheatstone Fairy Tale
AmCh Andover Song N Dance Man
AmCanCh Doubloon's Winter Wood TD
AmCh Doubloon Lemon Drop CD TD
SfuAmCh Andover Hoot Done It
AmCh Raclee Express West O'Andover CD
AmCh Andover Hootenanny
AmCh Andover Fair Dinkum Ad Lib
IntFinS ChWW94,98FinW94Wheatstone True Colors
AmCh Greentree Holliday O'Roses
N SAmCh Lontree's Lucky Star
AmCh Lontree Lindy Star
IntNordCh Teinikedon Taalia
IntNorduCh Maddalo Jubilee Prince
IntNordCh Teinikedon Katinka
LpIntNorduCh Teinikedon Gina

Breeder(s): Karin Bergbom
baby Roxy ;-)
Owner(s): ML Chevalier & Tyler Emmerson
Patrice Chevalier & Robert Bergman

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