Title(s): AmCh Registered Name: Geragold Inis Oirr Call Name: Aria Registration #: AKC RM011754/03
DOB: November 5, 2002
Aria looking lovely on the way to her championship!
Sire: CanCh. Soldiersong Fianna Boy (Otto)
Dam: AmCh. Geragold Daugher of Aran (Aoife)
Coefficient of Inbreeding: .
Siblings: AmCh. Geragold Tinker's Wedding (Tinker),
AmCh. Geragold Kilronan NAP NJP NFP (Killian),
Geragold Soldiersong Pegeen Mike,
AmCanCh. Geragold Riders to the Sea (Rider),
AmCh. Geragold Tobar Einne (Einnie),
FinCh. Geragold Playboy (in Denmark at Danterri Kennels)
Height: 17 1/4 inches Weight: 35 pounds
HD rating:

OFA #WHT-4679G38F-PI (hips, Good),
WHT-EL61F38-PI (elbows, Normal),
WHT-PA19/28M/P-PI (patellas, Normal)

PRA rating: .
Progeny: sired by IntDeVdhDkFiCh Never Lasting's A Star Is Born:
AmCh. Geragold Desperado's Gold (Desi),
AmCh. Geragold Seanacy Gilded Trebol (Keira),
FinCh. Geragold Wheatstone Gold (Ringa)
DCh. Geragold Gilda Never Lasting (Marylee)

parents gparents ggparents gggparents
LpILpIIDkCh Lenter Wheaten Bali-Tiger
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Norrie
Danterri Wheaten Boileene
AmCh Danterri Wheaten Tycoon
DkTyskIntuCh Newkilber Lion In Winter
DkLMonIntuCh Danterri Wheaten Grainne
Newkilber Make Mine Mink
CanCh Soldiersong Fianna Boy
LpILpIIDkCh Lenter Wheaten Bali-Tiger
IntMultiCh Danterri Wheaten Man About Town
DkLMonIntuCh Danterri Wheaten Grainne
AmCh Wheaten Rebel's Raleigh at Celtic
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Kris
Wheaten Rebel's Ornella My Love
TyskCh Wheaten Rebel's Bagheera Lass
AmCanCh Geragold Inis Oirr
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Beacan
DkCh Danterri Wheaten Kris
Newkilber Make Mine Mink
AmCh Wheaten Rebel's Odessa File
IntCh Newkilber The Quiet Man
IntCh Wheaten Rebel's Bagheera Lass
IntCh Holmenocks Honey Bee
AmCh Geragold Daughter of Aran
Holmenocks Haffer
IrCh Newkilber Don Corleone
Holmenocks Halmaska
Geragold Tekiri
Holmenocks Hampstead
IrCh Newkilber Autumn Sonata
IrCh Roisin's Melina Halandri

Breeder(s): Neil O'Sullivan & Gerard Thompson
Adel, Iowa USA
Owner(s): Gerard Thompson & Neil O'Sullivan
Adel, Iowa USA

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