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We, who love Irish Wheatens, agree to disagree agreeably (even if fiercely) as we discuss their past, present, and future.

Our interests in Irish Wheatens may vary, but our love is ever as good as gold.

Such is the nature of the Irish Wheaten.

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There are Irish phrases on these webpages; and here are translations and pronunciation guides. Any contributions from those comfortable with the language are very welcome.

Céad míle fáilte! -- pronounced "Kay mee FALL-shuh!" as a traditional Irish greeting that translates as "A hundred thousand welcomes!".
Mór muirneach ór -- pronounced "more mornukh or," with n as in onion and translates as "Great gold beloved" (entirely made up by Roxanna).
Croi follain agus gob fliuch! -- pronounced "KREE FO-lah-ihn ah-guhs GOB FLOOKH!" and translated by John Herlihy as "A healthy heart and a wet mouth!".
Slán leat! -- pronounced "slawn lyat!" and translates as "Goodbye!" (said to someone leaving).

Also very welcome are any thoughts or articles that members of the Irish Wheatens list recommend to other members -- of course, on topics of interest to the Irish Wheaten breed.
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